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Who We Are and What We Do

We are the team of seasoned consultants, developers, and managers who eagerly drive the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as NAV and Navision) projects.

For many years, we implement, support, and conduct training sessions on a daily basis and with great passion.


Are your business processes regular? Is your company small-sized?
The standardized business management solution by Business Central certainly suits your needs. The solution implementation is fast – it takes few weeks at no extra charge. Our team needs to hold just a couple of consultancies for you.

Is your business large? Is your business structure complicated? Are there any specific business needs?
You certainly need a sophisticated implementation approach applied by the team of experienced developers and business analysts under supervision of competent project managers. We offer project methodology that has proven advantageous in many years of our work.


Markets are dynamic. If a business decides to change its business processes, the ERP system requires improvements as well. The system users need support, so they do not fail in their daily operations. We highly prioritize the customers’ requests to deliver the Business Central/NAV post-implementation support.

Microsoft makes every effort to hold the world Business Central/NAV leadership among so many ERP systems. Thus, the system updates are delivered on a regular basis. To make the most of the ERP system, make sure you don’t miss these updates. We have got many years of experience in delivering system upgrades. This allows maintaining the continuity of business processes.

Our Experience

We are proud to collaborate with many recognized and honorable companies in the corporate sector. However, we also love working with start-ups and new brands!

We see no limits and deliver our services to companies all around the globe.

We are keen to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and strive to become your partner!

Why To Choose Business Central
1983 Developed in 200 000 customers 73 countries

Business Central/NAV is the world's most popular ERP-system. The system was developed in 1983. Today, more than 200 000 entities benefit from managing their business processes with the solution.

Business Central/NAV is localized to the national legislation on accounting in 73 countries. And this list grows.


Business Central/NAV is very flexible in terms of its settings and customization options. Modern development tools allow customization of the system to meet business needs and requirements of our customers. The development is based on Visual Studio Code, the world's most popular development environment.


Business Central/NAV is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, which is natural. There are numerous scenarios on how Excel, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and many others fruitfully collaborate with the ERP system.


« Our customers’ responses from the beginning and through the entire cooperation have always been the strongest motivation to me. At the beginning, it’s almost always about lack of trust and some restraint although we bring great recommendations. But once our team gains positive feedback on the quality work, you get motivated to move forward ».

Vitaliy Kurdyumov

« I started with NAV (today, it is called Business Central) in 2005 as an implementation consultant. Since that time, I made my way to the head of the practice. In many projects, I have performed as system architect and managed project teams while developing project methodology. But I feel even more inspired when I think of so many generations of the NAV/BC professionals mentored by me ».

Taisiya Bondar
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